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Shagah Z.

“I cannot say enough good things about working with Littleton Legal – Brittany Littleton is incredibly knowledgeable and top notch in what she does. She is generous, professional and friendly.

Our entire family has benefited from her services, most recently supporting me in my wishes to establish a living trust after a cancer diagnosis. Making end of life decisions is not easy but Brittany walked me through every step, provided thoughtful recommendations and helped do what I needed to feel ready for treatment. I am forever grateful to her for all she has done for me.”

Balanced Bookkeeping Accounting

“We highly recommend Brittany and her team for any of your legal needs – a very caring and professional group.”

Craig C.

“Brittany, Christy, and the rest of the team at Littleton Legal has been an integral partner to us here at Sixth Day Snacks. Their team has helped us to easily navigate the several various legal requirements needed to launch our CPG snack food business this past year. Great people providing great service!”

Luke F.

“Brittany and team and Litttleton Legal are trustworthy, reliable and expertly efficient at creating and/or solving all of your estate planning needs. I trust them with not only my own planning but all of my clients estate planning as well. In addition, you probably won’t find a better rate/value in town. – Thank you for all you do Brittany. Keep up the good work!”

Hope E.

“Brittany Littleton is wonderful to work with. She cares so much about her clients. She is attentive, patient, kind, and as smart as they come. I completely trust her with all my legal matters.”

Dawn C.

“Brittany and Christy have been a pleasure to work with as we set up our LLC and other legal needs! They have been able to offer the legal advice and expertise we’ve needed to make sure everything is covered and taken care of, freeing up our time to focus on our family and business. We highly recommend Littleton Legal!”


“I am so incredibly thankful for Littleton Legal! Brittany and her team have been there for my family through some very difficult times. At 25 years old, I never imagined I would have to be going through a probate process for my parents, but Brittany helped me through every step and I trusted her whole-heartedly. Having someone in your corner that you know has your best interest at heart is a breath of fresh air during an emotional, confusing, time. Thanks to Littleton Legal, I have been able to successfully complete the probate process without any issues, tie up all loose strings that were an issue, and create a trust for my own family. Working with Brittany started due to unfortunate circumstances, but I’m thankful that she will continue to be a part of my family’s bright future.”

Richard F.

“Brittany has been my business attorney since 2012. I always find it helpful to check in with Brittany before moving forward with new or changing business plans. Her expert guidance and sharp business sense helps me avoid pitfalls and brings me peace of mind.”

Ashley R.

“Brittany and her team are absolutely amazing. Estate planning can be overwhelming but she takes the stress out of it and will bring peace of mind to any situation. She has also helped me with several legal needs for my business and far exceeded my expectations in that arena as well!”

Haley M.

“Brittany Littleton made it easy for us to complete our estate plan. As new parents, we were grateful for the peace of mind working with her gave us. Brittany also helped us set up and LLC. She was knowledgeable, communicative, and thorough. We highly recommend her for business needs.”

Kinder S.

“Brittany is a leader in her field, as well as her community. She is committed to offering proficient estate and business planning services and is always eager to share her expertise.”

Nicole H.

“Brittany is awesome! She’s down to earth and sharp at what she does. Definitely recommend her for estate planning! She knows what she’s doing.”

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