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Have you planned for how your business will thrive when you are no longer there to manage it? It is never too early to start thinking about what will happen to your company when you or your partner retire, become disabled, die, get into an unresolvable dispute with partners, or lose key employees.

Whether your primary concern is creating a mechanism for retirement, retaining key employees, building a legacy to pass on to your heirs, avoiding transfer taxes, keeping your business assets out of probate, or managing the risks of unexpected life events, Littleton Legal PLLC can help you implement an appropriate long-term plan and business transition strategy.

Utilizing thoughtfully created tools such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, by-laws, buy-sell agreements, key-employee retention plans, deferred compensation plans, and company retirement plans Littleton Legal PLLC can help you prepare for the company’s succession during both planned and unplanned changes of circumstance.

Even well-established businesses operate in a realm of permanent uncertainty. Especially in family businesses, the business succession planning process can by complex and emotional. Brittany Littleton and her staff work with you to design and implement a holistic business succession plan using legal mechanisms, financial planning, creative thinking and sound business experience to help you realize your best outcomes.

As your trusted business law attorney and estate planning partner, Littleton Legal PLLC can help you save time and money while providing clarity and peace of mind as you navigate through the tough decisions involved with business succession planning.

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