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A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of business structure that provides limited personal liability to its members for the company’s debts and liabilities. There are pros and cons to any type of business formation, depending upon your overall goals. Let’s discuss your business objectives and determine if an LLC is right for you and your organization. If an LLC is right for your business, Littleton Legal PLLC can take care of the details of registering the business with the Secretary of State, Tax Commission, and Internal Revenue Service. We’ll make sure that you have properly drafted Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, Organizational Minutes and other important documents that should be in your company record book.

If you already have a LLC, we can provide guidance with maintaining your LLC in good standing, drafting annual minutes, filing for trade names and trademarks, updating your operating agreement, succession planning, or dissolution.

We provide Business Advisory Services to LLC owners on an hourly basis as-needed, or on a flat fee basis as Outside General Counsel.

A corporation is an entity that is separate and distinct from its owners and is treated legally as a “person.” Corporations can have favorable tax treatment, but also have strict governance requirements and separate tax consequences from an ordinary LLC. If after consultation we determine that a corporation is the best way to organize your business, Littleton Legal PLLC can draft Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Minutes, Stock Ledgers, etc. so that you have a company record book that complies with the law.   We can also register your business the Secretary of State, Tax Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service.

If you have an existing corporation, let us help you keep it in good standing.   Littleton Legal PLLC is happy to discuss our Outside General Counsel program or Business Advisory services.  Let us help you manage the day-to-day legal matters of your company.

A partnership is a type of arrangement between two or more people to share the profits and liabilities of a single business. Each person contributes money, property, labor or skill, and expects to share in the profits and losses of the business. If you’ve decided you’d like to set up a partnership or if you’re just not sure what is right for you, we can help you review the pros and cons of this type of company. Regardless of which type of entity is right for your business, we can help walk you through each step in getting your business documents in order and filing them with the appropriate state and federal authorities.

A not-for-profit corporation must meet specific criteria, as seen in the IRS Code under 501(c)(3), to qualify for tax-exempt status. Common examples of not-for-profit companies are ones formed with “charitable, religious, education, or scientific purposes.” If you’re thinking of creating a non-profit organization, let us at Littleton Legal PLLC help you through the processes involved so that you can focus on your organization’s goals.

If you’re just creating your LLC or have been in business for quite a while, we can help you ensure your business and the protections of your limited liability company meet your business and legal needs.  Keeping your LLC registered annually as well as keeping your company record books up-to-date are both items that we can help you with as part of our maintenance program.  Give us a call to learn more about keeping your business in check.

Whether your primary concern is creating a mechanism for retirement, retaining key employees, building a legacy to pass on to your heirs, avoiding transfer taxes, keeping your business assets out of probate, or managing the risks of unexpected life events, Littleton Legal PLLC can assist you in implementing an appropriate long-term plan and business transition strategy.

It is never too early to start thinking about what will happen to your company when you or your partner retire, become disabled, die, get into an unresolvable dispute with partners, or lose key employees.   Utilizing thoughtfully created tools such as operating agreements, shareholder agreements, by-laws, buy-sell agreements, key-employee retention plans, deferred compensation plans, and company retirement plans Littleton Legal PLLC can help you prepare for the company’s succession during both planned and unplanned changes of circumstance.  Call us today to plan for your future!

Littleton Legal PLLC is equipped to answer your residential and commercial real estate law questions whether you are the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant.

Buying and selling real property requires the expertise of a trusted real estate attorney to maximize your goals, minimize your risks, and understand your obligations and duties.

Let us assist you in negotiating and navigating the buying, selling, renting and leasing processes to make sure your real estate transactions go as smoothly as possible.

At Littleton Legal PLLC we have extensive experience drafting, negotiating and reviewing the following real estate agreements:

  • Contracts to Sell or Purchase Homes or Commercial Property
  • Mortgages and Promissory Notes
  • Sale By Owner Real Estate Contract and Closing Services
  • Rental Agreements for Residential Properties
  • Commercial Lease Agreements
  • Mineral Interest and Royalty Interest Agreements and Deeds
  • Homeowner Association Documents
  • General Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Trustee’s Deeds
  • Easements and Deed Restrictions
  • Transfer on Death Deeds & Revocations
  • Termination of Joint Tenancy Affidavits

Call us to draft or review your critical contract to ensure your interests are protected.

We are well-versed in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts and agreements for all types of industries and needs. A few common business needs are:

  • Operating Agreements & Bylaws
  • Buy-Sell Agreements & Shareholder Agreements
  • Company Minutes
  • Business/Stock Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales, Purchases & Leases
  • Equipment Sales, Purchases & Leases
  • Letters of Intents & Memorandums of Understanding
  • Mediation/Arbitration Statements & Settlement Agreements
  • Loans, Promissory Notes, Mortgages & Secured Transactions
  • Materialmen & Mechanic Liens
  • Employee & Severance Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation & Confidentiality Agreements
  • Company Handbooks
  • Insurance Contracts Review & Coverage Assessments
  • Oil & Gas Transactions

Let us help you work through the concerns associated with any of these agreements to ensure you and your interests are protected.  Call us today.

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