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4 Mistakes to Avoid at Tax Time

It’s that time of year again: tax season. No one enjoys doing their taxes, and that is likely why many of us leave this tedious task to the last…possible…moment. As Tax Day approaches, millions of Americans are likely scrambling to track down all of their important documents to meet the April 15 deadline. But as [...]

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What Happens to the Children?

No one wants to think about leaving their children behind unexpectedly. Unfortunately, it happens. If you have minor children, you need to consider and plan for the worst. This is especially true as vacation season approaches.  Whether you are traveling with or without your children, accidents happen. Should you leave your children, you wouldn't want [...]

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Do You Need A Buy-Sell Agreement for Your Business?

There are many unanticipated changes that can cause your otherwise successful business to suddenly change direction. Being prepared with a buy-sell agreement can help you weather through events like a divorce, disability, irreconcilable dispute, or an unexpected death. What is a buy-sell agreement? A buy-sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between owners of a [...]

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Estate Planning for Your Parents

If you find yourself in the “sandwich generation” (someone who is caring for both your children as well as your parents simultaneously), you need to know whether or not your parents have put together an estate plan. While it is still your parent’s choice to make estate planning decisions, having a plan -- no matter [...]

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3 Tips to Manage Your Digital Assets

There's an entire category of commonly-overlooked legacy to consider - digital assets. Don't worry if you didn't consider these assets when made your will or trust - it's surprisingly common and, luckily, easy to correct. What are digital assets? They include: your photos (yes, all those selfies are a digital asset), files stored in the [...]

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